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What Is Neighborhood Stories?

Watch From the Safety of Your Car

Neighborhood Stories is an array of short, live performances that unfold all across a given city or neighborhood—created by a changing cast of artists who live in that neighborhood—to evoke the heartbeat of that neighborhood.

Each episode is different. Part treasure hunt, part city tour, all entertaining, Neighborhood Stories is the most local of all theater companies.

Mini Magical
Mystery Tours


In good times and bad, people thrive best when they feel deep connections to their communities. Neighborhood Stories takes audiences of all ages on mini magical mystery tours that draw new attention to places you see every day, and introduce you to paths you may never have seen before, exploring the landscapes, cultures, and daily life of our very local communities.

Sometimes historical, sometimes deeply personal, Neighborhood Stories events are love letters to the cities around us that create a deep sense of home and foster new understanding about the places where we live and the people who share those spaces with us. Get to know a city by its living treasures—its artists—and you’ll always feel at home.

We are all neighbors.
Let’s get to know each other. 

Performer in Covid-mask posing alongside car full of covid-masked audience members
Oakland performer Troy Rockett with guests. Photo by Cheri Miller