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No contact with other artists or audiences

Neighborhood Stories seeks professionally-oriented performing artists to highlight the importance of culture carriers as highly skilled workers deserving of respect and pay for their work.

Neighborhood Stories artists perform 8 mini-performances on each performance day (6 – 8 day runs, all weekend matinees), each time for up to three cars, for a total performance time of 45 – 90 minutes, depending on the material you choose. 

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El Cerrito/Richmond

Asian woman applying makeup for Chinese Opera


Get In Touch With Us.

Tell your story with us! Send us:

  • Your name and location (city and neighborhood within that city) 
  • Photo and resume
  • Video or other work sample so we see your style
  • Number of people in your quarantine performance group


We’ll Get In Touch With You.

When we have enough performers for your geographic area, we will contact you to talk details. Feel free to gather or recommend other performers in your neighborhood. 


Plan Your Performance.

Propose your own plan or create it with us:

  • Where: perform at or near your house—a front yard, inside lit windows, a nearby yard, a pocket park, a nearby landmark, inside your car—anywhere that is easily visible by two – three cars.
  • What: 5 – 10 minutes of all-ages material—ideally something that illuminates something about one or more of the following:
    a. life now during the pandemic (for you or for someone else)

    b. something about the neighborhood/city where you live: something historic, geographical, economic, cultural, architectural, social….
    c. anything that might give a visitor insight and make a local love their neighborhood even more.

We are very happy to consult, make suggestions, or pair you with a director or playwright if you would like help designing your performance.



We’ll put together the audience route. All you have to do is appear and perform your 5 – 10 minutes every quarter hour (8 times total per show-day).


Get Paid and Collect New Fans.

All performers are paid equally for their work, with a guaranteed minimum that rises if we are fully booked for a run of 6 – 8 days.

Following each performance, we will send audience members a follow-up message reminding them which artists they saw and giving them your website and paypal/venmo information in case they want to support you further. (You can opt out of this portion if you wish.)