How does it work?

Get outside your house, people!

Choose a date and start time for your tour. Then pack your family (or quarantine posse) in a car, and prepare to be taken on a 2-hour magical mystery tour!

Each family-friendly performance includes 7 – 10 live mini-performances from professional performers spread across a small geographic area, with short (5 minutes or less) driving distances between each mini-performance.

Tickets are limited to 24 cars per performance-day, three cars per start-time, so you will be part of a very select audience.

Now featuring:


Black man in beautiful classical dance pose in field of grass

Timeline of Events


What'll We See?

Each site will be different—maybe dance, maybe a monologue or a song, maybe an avant-garde piece or a call-back to an earlier time period. Performances may occur in the windows of houses, on front lawns, in garages, at pocket parks, and all will occur in full view of your parking spot.


First Mystery Site Revealed

When you purchase your ticket, you will get the first location’s general area, with the exact address revealed on the day of the show. (At the end of each mini-performance, the artist will reveal the link to the next site.)


Get there On Time and Park

Make sure you are parked at each address by the start time so you don’t miss any of the action. Performances run on a tight schedule, so we highly recommend the use of GPS services, but technical staff is also available for drivers who get lost.


Local Fun Facts & Easter Eggs

With your ticket also comes supplementary information about the neighborhood or town—details about its history and hidden gems that encourage further exploration on your own so your experience with us is just the door opening to a new neighborhood.


Keep Supporting Local Artists

Congratulations! After your tour, you'll know some of the artists in your neighborhood, and you can keep supporting them with donations or by seeing them perform online or in person again some day. Remember, artists work full-time on their craft and carry our culture, but are often the first to lose work or be asked to work for free. Most performing artists are looking at a year with no work because most of us work live for large groups. Help keep the arts—and artists—alive in our beloved Bay Area.